The Molotov Cocktail project goal was to further engage  my interest in Houdini and Unreal engine. The Houdini aspect include essential VFX assets like manafacturing flipbooks and a vertex animation texture. Unreals purpose was to build a prediction projectile that would be triggered by a basic throwing animation.

This videos shows the full effect and also every emitter separated from each other. The particles was created in niagara.

The textures sheets was rendered using Mantra in Houdini and exported with Houdinis texture sheet node. For the burst fire I rendered standard defuse sheet and a motion vector texture. The fire on the ground and on the molotov bottle was created with a looping texture. For the bottle splashes I created three different textures with three different splashes to create diverse shapes. I use the same method for the shards.

The splash was created from a flip solver In houdini and later baked to a vertex animation texture using houdini.

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