My name is Anton and I am a graduated technical artist from The Game Assembly. I currently live in Malmö and have been here for almost 6 years. I have studied several creative programs, such as Graphic Design and Visual Communication. During my stay in Malmö I have made a lot of good friends along the way. In my spare time I enjoy being active and workout as well as cooking and spend time with my girlfriend and our friends.

I am a driven and ambitious person and always push myself to learn new things. My creative background has allowed me to experiment and develop new solutions both visually and technically and I try to implement those skills I’ve acquired at The Game Assembly.

 About four years ago I started learning 3D as a self-learning school project. I got absolutely fascinated with the visual possibilities and opportunities it has. It was a very natural decision to apply to The Game Assembly, combining my newly found interest in 3D with my long-lasting interest in videogames.

 I am deeply intrested in the effects aspect of game development and use my intrest in procedural workflow to create Real-time VFX. I want to continue exploring the opportunities that Houdini could bring to the vfx pipleline and other procedual software. I also want to continue engage myself in fundamental VFX.

It is my belief that being new to the field makes me more adaptable and open to exploring innovative solutions to various aspects of game development and I am hoping to find a place of internship that will help me grow along with you.
Please visit my Resumé down bellow for more information about me.

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